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Active substance: Anastrozole

Brand name: Arimidex

Arimidex Description

Cancer, Womens Health
Other Brands: Alkem Laboratories Ltd (Cytomed): Altraz
Similar drugs: Arimidex
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Cancer Is A Disease That Can Affect Any Organ And Tissue Of The Human Body, There Are Great Variety Of Clinical Symptoms And They Can Depend On Many Factors: Localization (location) Of The Tumor, Its Histological Form (structure), The Nature Of The Growth, The Distribution Process, The Age And Sex Of The Patient, The Presence Of Other Diseases In The Patient. Depending On The Type Of The Tumor It Can Be Dangerous Or One Which Doesn't Bear The Harmful Outcomes For The Organism. Anti-cancer Medications Are Medicines That Disrupt The Development Of Tumors (cancer, Sarcoma, And Others) And Prevent Leukemia, They Have Very Strong Action Destroying Cells Of The Tumor.

Womens Health

There Is A Huge Number Of Diseases Which Are Are Particular Only For Women. Male And Female Organisms Have A Number Of Significant Differences Not Only In Their Appearance But In The Structure Of The Internal Organs And Also In The Functioning Of Metabolic Processes. All These Differences Suggest The Difference In Susceptibility And The Manifestation Of Various Kinds Of Diseases In Women And Men. Thus Women May Need Different Medications In Different Dosages For The Correct Treatment. Also There Are Diseases That Are Specific For Women Such As Breast Cancer. Luckily There Are Special Medications That Took Into Account All The Peculiarities Of Female Organism.

For informational purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for advice.
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Arimidex 1 mg: Instructions for use.

Pharmacological properties of the drug.

The drug Arimidex 1 mg refers to a highly selective non-steroidal blockers of the enzyme, which in the postmenopausal period helps to convert androstenedione in the peripheral structures sequentially, first into estrone and then into estradiol.

The mechanism of this medication is inherently used to treat breast cancer. The use of the substance in a daily dosage of up to 1 mg leads to a drop in the level of estradiol up to 80%.

A characteristic advantage of the drug is the fact that it does not belong to drugs that increase progestogenic, androgenic and estrogenic activity. Progesterone is useful for men, because it has a number of positive qualities: it retains water in the body, raises appetite, and soothes the nervous system. In contrast, androgenic activity, which the drug successfully suppresses, causes the side effects of hormonal steroids, such as the growth of body hair in women with a simultaneous loss of hair on the head, an enlargement of the prostate gland in men.

Estrogens are steroid hormones produced in the female body and are responsible for the performance of many functions. An excess of these substances at the cellular level can cause insomnia, irritation, weight gain, and memory loss. Arimidex successfully resists these negative processes. So, after taking a pharmaceutical product, there is no need for replacement therapy with the use of glucocorticosteroids.

Composition and release form of the drug Arimidex.

The main active ingredient of the drug is anastrozole. This compound inhibits the performance of the hormonal protein aromatase, which is a common cause of breast cancer. The amount of anastrazole in one capsule is 1 mg. Capsules are produced convex on both sides of the shape. White product.

Indications for use.

Arimidex is prescribed as an additional treatment after a course of therapeutic and surgical intervention against the background of an established diagnosis of a hormone-positive breast tumor in postmenopausal women. The material is also used for widespread malignant neoplasm of the mammary glands. The total duration of its use can reach 2 to 3 years.

Side effects of the drug.

Collateral symptoms of the use of the drug Arimidex are associated with disorders:

1. The musculoskeletal structure of the body - frequent joint pain in the absence of noticeable causes of their damage;

2. Central nervous system - sensations of spasms in the head, reaction of the carpal tunnel, sometimes lethargy, apathy and drowsiness appear;

3. Metabolic reactions - an increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood, which is a sign of the development of atherosclerosis. The use of Arimidex has the likelihood of a decrease in the concentration of mineral salts in bone cells, which is explained by a drop in the level of estradiol synthesis. The result of the negative course of metabolism is the formation of the pathology of osteoporosis and fragility of bone tissue.

4. Cardiovascular system - irregular sensations of heat in the body;

5. Gastrointestinal tract - nausea with vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, increased tone of alkaline phosphatase and gamma-glutamyl transferase.

The development of allergenic reactions leads to the formation of nettle fever, swelling, there is a possibility of anaphylactic shock.

Side effects on the skin are characterized by the appearance of a rash, multiforme reddening of the dermis, when blood flows in excess through the capillary vessels. To exclude the development of complications, a doctor's consultation is necessary.


Arimidex is prohibited for use during menopause, as well as some painful conditions, which include the following diseases:

1. Severe renal dysfunction (the volume of blood plasma cleared from creatinine is less than 20 ml / min);

2. Medium and high degree of hepatic dysfunction (the effect and safety measures when using the drug have not been determined);

3. Complex therapeutic effect with the use of tamoxifen;

4. The period of bearing the child;

5. Breastfeeding;

6. High sensitivity to anastrozole and other components of the drug.

Contraindications relate to the appointment of the drug to children, since the safety of drug administration has not been studied.

The use of Arimidex during pregnancy.

Arimidex should not be used during gestation and at the stage of lactoforming.

Method and features of the drug use.

Adult patients, including the elderly, receive 1 mg orally per day no more than once. The treatment is long-term. If the progression of the pathology does not stop, then the right way out will be the abolition of the medication. It is recommended to use the agent for adjuvant treatment for at least 5 years.

Patients with insignificant lesions of the vital functions of the renal organization do not adjust the dose. The situation is similar in the case of mild liver tissue disorders. It is undesirable to chew the tablet, it must be swallowed whole with a sufficient amount of liquid.

Reception of the drug Arimidex is carried out at the same time of the day.

In patients with a receptor-negative malignant neoplasm to estrogen, the effectiveness of the drug has not been established, with the exception of those precedents when a previous positive reaction to the use of tamoxifen was recorded. In the presence of uncertainty in the patient's hormonal status, menopause is confirmed by the registration of sex hormones in the blood plasma.

There are no data on the safety of the use of Arimidex by patients with established pathologies of the kidneys and liver of a severe degree. With persisting bleeding of the uterus after the introduction of a pharmaceutical substance, a consultation is held with the participation of a gynecologist, oncologist and other specialized doctors.

Medicines that contain estrogens are not taken simultaneously with the medicine Arimidex. This prohibition is due to a decrease in the amount of estrogen involved in the circulation of blood substance and the synthesis of bone structure.

Patients suffering from osteoporosis or having a hereditary predisposition to this disease should undergo densiometry before and throughout the course of therapy. If necessary, osteoporosis is treated or procedures are performed to prevent its occurrence.

All examinations and therapy are carried out only as directed and under the supervision of medical personnel. There is no information on the complex use of anastrozole and materials similar to Gonadotropin-releasing hormone. It is still unclear whether the active ingredient of the drug affects the improvement of results when combined with chemotherapy.

The consequences of using anastrozole for long-term treatment have also not been studied. It is known for sure that the administration of the drug Arimidex causes attacks of ischemic disease more strongly than the administration of tamoxifen. However, there are no official statistics either.

Pediatricians, even using modern techniques, cannot calculate and name the probability of the degree of effectiveness of the administration of this drug to minors.

Side effects may occur, manifested in the form of weakness and increased drowsiness. Therefore, all employees employed in important and responsible industries, where a high degree of mental concentration is required, need to issue a sick leave and continue treatment in a hospital or outpatient setting, depending on the state of health. Self-therapy in this case is dangerous not only for the patient himself, but also for the people around him, since the person is not able to establish the correct dosage, the strategy of therapeutic action and its duration.

Interaction with other medicines.

Clinical studies on drug interactions with antipyrine and similar antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic materials have shown that their conscientious use cannot lead to significant cytochrome-dependent effects.

Currently, there is no information on the interaction of the drug with other anti-cancer substances. Pharmacological products, in the formula of which hormones-estrogens are included, should not be consumed together with capsules due to the fact that they weaken their effect. A similar limitation applies to taking tamoxifen.


Instructions for the use of the drug Arimidex describes some cases of the use of higher dosages of the drug. The one-time amount of a substance that leads to dangerous consequences has not been determined. In any case, if an unintentional overdose is detected, an ambulance should be called immediately.

There is no specific antidote for this medicine. In a hospital setting, the patient will undergo symptomatic treatment with the induction of vomiting, in the case when the person is conscious. Then, general supportive therapy is performed with the obligatory control of the functionality of all structures of the body. According to the appointment of a specialized doctor, procedures for purifying blood plasma are promptly carried out with the disconnection of renal function.

Analogues of the drug Arimidex.

The following pharmaceutical products belong to alternative drugs: Anastrex, Anastrozole-Teva, Anabrez, Selanu and others.

Conditions of sale in pharmacies.

Since Arimidex belongs to the group of hormonal effects, the use of which leads to dangerous health consequences, this medicine is sold in pharmacies on a prescription from a doctor.

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